Cocktails We Crave: The Bourbon Hot Toddy from Inn at Woodhaven

Cocktails We Crave: The Bourbon Hot Toddy from Inn at Woodhaven

The Bourbon Hot Toddy from Inn at WoodhavenThe Bourbon Hot Toddy from Inn at Woodhaven

As the weather gets colder we require drinks that get warmer, and our friends at Inn at Woodhaven in Louisville, KY have the perfect cocktail that’s apropos for what ails us – the Bourbon Hot Toddy. Since the Bluegrass State is celebrated for its bourbon prowess we couldn’t think of a better place to experience the spirit, and innkeeper Marsha Burton couldn’t agree more.

“There are hundreds of great bourbons here in Kentucky,” she says, “…and more coming all the time. The Bourbon Trail is so popular, we have guests from all over the country and abroad coming each week to tour.” In fact, the inn offers two special packages for their guests to help immerse them in the spirit in the most enticing ways.

With the Bourbon Sampler Package, when guests book two consecutive weekend nights, they receive a complimentary bourbon sampler in their room. When they book the Bourbon and Chocolate Package, guests can indulge in sampling 12 different bourbon balls from some of Kentucky’s finest distilleries and chocolatiers for an additional fee of just $25. And although not all bourbons are available outside of the region, we can mention Woodford Reserve and Makers Mark as two you are likely to get in your neck of the woods – and they will definitely do the trick!

2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
8 tablespoons bourbon
2 lemon peel slices

Just heat the water to boiling. Stir in your honey and lemon and then add the bourbon. Pour into two glasses and garnish with a lemon peel slices.

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