Empower More Travel

At bnbfinder, we connect hosts and travelers in a more affordable, more open, and easy to use marketplace.

Our mission is to be the world's most affordable and most loved travel marketplace.

Current Opportunities

What do we do?

We make travel more accessible.

In this day and age, fees are abundant. bnbfinder does not charge any fees when travelers book their stay. Whether booking a vacation for friends and family or looking for an extended stay to work remotely, everyone can do more for less through bnbfinder.

We support small businesses.

What once was a hospitality industry run by mom-and-pop hosts is now controlled by a couple of companies that charge considerable fees ranging from 15-20%. We support small businesses by reducing their costs and giving them the ability to communicate directly with potential guests before, during and after the stay instead of forcing them to book through our site and charging heavy commissions.

We make travel easier for everyone.

Adding a “middle man” is always more complicated. We make booking travel easier and less expensive through direct bookings. More getaways. More memories. More travel… For Less.


Why join bnbfinder?

Quick and Nimble

Our team is the epitome of a fast paced and agile startup, needing to be able to adapt and problem solve. See your visible progress and growth in this rapidly moving environment.

Be valued

Because of the size of our team, each member is important and their ideas are valued. If you enjoy shaping and influencing your team and environment, this is the right team for you. 

Fast Paced and Agile
Round Table Office
Huge Growth Potential

As bnbfinder quickly grows and scales, team members are able to grow with it, influencing the hiring, structuring, and direction of their respective departments and the overall company.

Balance for Success

At bnbfinder, we believe that balance is paramount to our success. This means that flexibility is at our core. Depending on the role, hybrid work and flexible PTO allow team members to travel, spend time with loved ones, and live their lives. When we are in person, we work to create a fun, yet focused environment, with frequent company social outings and passion for what we do.

Growth Potential
Work - Life Balance