New Partnership: Escapia & bnbfinder

New Partnership: Escapia & bnbfinder

We are delighted to announce our most recent partnership with Escapia, a foremost property management system. Escapia’s speciality lies in streamlining operations, amplifying bookings, and enhancing profit margins for vacation rental managers. This partnership harmoniously blends with our mutual goal of equipping vacation rental owners and managers with groundbreaking technology solutions.

As an integral part of our collaboration, we’ll be integrating our platform with Escapia’s through an API, offering vacation rental owners and managers a seamless integration experience. This connection will enable our users to upload their content, present their rates and availability, and secure direct bookings, all by simply connecting their bnbfinder and Escapia accounts via API.

Created by property managers with a deep understanding of the industry’s needs, Escapia’s Vacation Rental Software is a blend of sophistication, contemporary design, and potent functionality. Escapia, with its innovative streak spanning more than a decade, has successfully created a cutting-edge solution that allows companies to refine operations and maximize profits.

This partnership with Escapia aligns with bnbfinder’s vision of the future for vacation rentals – one where technology and customer-centric design facilitate seamless vacation rental management. As we integrate Escapia’s platform, our users gain access to a powerful tool that simplifies their operations while enabling them to reach a wider audience.

We are optimistic that this collaboration will generate considerable value for our customers. We look forward to working in close association with Escapia, aiming to deliver an unparalleled experience for vacation rental owners and managers. Together, we pledge to innovate continually and elevate the vacation rental industry, thus making it more accessible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of this burgeoning market.

To learn more about how to use escapia as a bnbfinder customer, click here.

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