About bnbfinder

At bnbfinder, we connect hosts and travelers in a more affordable, more open, and easy to use marketplace.

Our team at bnbfinder is full of industry veterans and insiders that have done everything from founding BedandBreakfast.com and Turnkey Vacation Rentals to owning and operating a top-rated 20 room boutique inn outside of Austin TX and several vacation rentals. Over the past few years, we have simply gotten fed up with the big corporations, such as Airbnb and Vrbo, and know we can do better.

The high take rate on every single transaction by the big guys hurts us all. It hurts home owners trying to make ends meet and pay their mortgage. It hurts the mom & pop B&B and inn owners trying to give people a place to relax and recharge by killing their margin. It hurts travelers trying to see new places, make new memories, or work remotely by charging these excessive fees. No more. We charge a very reasonable, low monthly rate and give the majority of the money back to the homeowners, inn owners, property managers, and travelers.


The big guys also make it as hard as they can for property owners and potential guests to communicate with one another before a reservation is made. No speaking with the host to confirm anything about the property, the location or the stay before a traveler plops down their hard-earned money to make a reservation. No speaking with the guest to ensure your property is exactly what the traveler is looking for before they make the reservation to ensure a great property fit. No “Hospitality” in hospitality. 

We’re here to change all of that.