Watering Hole

Chances are you’ve heard of wine tasting, cheese tasting and even chocolate tasting. But have you ever heard of water tasting? True water connoisseurs know the quality and flavor of various types of water by the taste, smell and feel. Different water ranging from still, pure, sparkling to mineral can even match or disrupt the food that you eat. If you’re slightly curious and want to learn more, wet your palate at Abigail Stoneman Inn in Newport, Rhode Island and taste various types of water from around the world. The complimentary designer water bottles feature popular and luxury still and sparkling waters such as VOSS artesian, Fiji artesian, Ty Nant spring, Saratoga mineral, Lurisia spring, etc.

If water isn’t your beverage of choice, how about a water show? Check into the Christopher Dodge House, a bed and breakfast in Providence, Rhode Island and walk downtown to watch one of the most spectacular fire displays on water. WaterFire, a moving art production installed on three rivers features 100 bonfires lit down Waterplace Park. Listen to the eclectic music that accompanies the show followed by dinner and drinks for two at a reputable local restaurant. Be sure to ask the innkeeper for the “Taste of Providence Package,” which includes a two night stay and two gift certificates to two of the best restaurants in the area.

For more water inspired ideas, look for a Rhode Island bed and breakfast or use the keyword search box.

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