Start Your Engines for the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang

Start Your Engines for the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang

Fifty years since its debut, the Ford Mustang has revved its way into the hearts and homes of millions across the country. The original Ford Mustang – the “1964 ½” – was introduced at the New York State Fair on April 17, 1964. The first day it was released 22,000 orders were placed. Many car enthusiasts and patriots were in awe of the new vehicle with European features, but built on American soil. So in honor of the Ford Mustang’s 50th anniversary, take a trip down memory lane at these events and museums that are paying homage to this American classic.

Henry Ford Museum – Dearborn, MI

Go back to where it all started at the museum named after the Ford Motor Company founder. On the Ford Rouge Factory Tour, enjoy a five-part experience and learn just what makes a vehicle “Ford Tough”. While both Mustang Serial Number One and the popular Mustang I Concept models have hit the road to participate in other celebrations, visitors will still have a chance to experience both. The THF OnWheels Mustang #1 Fantasy Sweepstake’s grand prize is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where four winners will get to ride in these impressive vehicles and participate in a top market auto show.

After the adrenaline rush from learning about the iconic automobile, check into the Inn on Ferry Street in Detroit, MI. The historic bed and breakfast offers relaxation and comfort all within walking distance of other museums. Take your pick from 40 eccentric rooms inside the restored Victorian mansions, each equipped with a private bath.

Shelby American Museum – Boulder, CO

Caroll Shelby has played an integral role in making Mustangs what they are today. Named after his notorious Shelby Cobra Mustangs, the Shelby American Museum collection features rows of the 289 Cobra, GT40 and other models built by Shelby. Many of the vehicles at the museum are prized race winners constantly being worked on to ensure they are ready to race at all times. The museum is only open on Saturdays, but holds occasional races to give visitors a chance to see these awe-inspiring cars in action.

 Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast
Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast

At the Briar Rose Bed and Breakfast in Boulder, CO visitors are greeted with a peaceful atmosphere along with an assortment of organic teas. Encased with ten spacious rooms, the eco-hotel has a multitude of ways they practice sustainability while providing guests with a welcoming experience.

Mustang 50th Celebration – Goshen, NY

On April 26th, the Mustang Club of Orange County, NY will be hosting their own celebration. The event will incorporate the Mustang’s golden year commencing with a 50-mile cruise to County Government Center of Orange County, NY. Be apart of history and watch on as the first 200 Mustang models are honored with a plaque. Every 50 minutes attendees will have the chance to win a prize.

After winning big at the celebration, race over to the Peach Grove Inn located in Warwick, NY for a peaceful night of slumber. The charming 19th century bed and breakfast is complete with luxury guestrooms that have private baths, Jacuzzi’s and standard amenities.

Today, Ford has released a special edition vehicle to commemorate the milestone of the original pony car. Hop in your Mustang and visit these exciting museums and events today!

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