Cocktails We Crave: Meet The Rendez-Blue from Rendezvous

Cocktails We Crave: Meet The Rendez-Blue from Rendezvous


Now that summer is in well under way, we thought a cocktail that is full of character would be very apropos for the season. Palm Springs, CA is a destination with plenty of personality and stylish places to stay such as the chic inn Rendezvous, where you will definitely meet and greet your next great vacation.

One of this property’s guest rituals is relaxing poolside and enjoying the inn’s signature drink: The Rendez-Blue. It’s a simple recipe with tasty results that also happens to look pretty cool by the pool.

Grab your favorite shaker, pour in a scoop of ice so your martini will be extra cold. Then add…

2 parts vodka (keep in the freezer)
1 part Rose’s Blue Raspberry Cocktail Infusions (pick this up in your grocery’s liquor aisle)

And…shake for 30 seconds and serve up in a martini glass. (Tip: A clear glass makes for the best presentation of this martini.) Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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