Cocktails We Crave: Gil's Manhattan from Willough Vale Inn & Restaurant

Cocktails We Crave: Gil’s Manhattan from Willough Vale Inn & Restaurant

Willough Vale Inn & RestaurantWillough Vale Inn & Restaurant

The season of giving is officially under way in all its glory! That means there will be plenty of parties and exciting events to attend to. If you end up hosting one yourself, you’ll need a few classic cocktail recipes that are easy to concoct. That’s where our friends at Willough Vale Inn & Restaurant in Westmore, VT come in handy as your holiday helpers.

Their simple recipe for Gil’s Manhattan is completely manageable – and mouth watering. It’s one of the many drinks guests can indulge in at Gil’s Bar & Grill onsite, coupled with a menu that includes enticing appetizers, salads and pub fare specialties. This four-season inn, a hidden gem in the Green Mountain State, also features warm hospitality, lakeside accommodations, and breathtaking mountain views in an exquisite natural setting on the stunning shores of Lake Willoughby.

Gil's ManhattanGil’s Manhattan

Gil’s Manhattan
1/4 oz. Sweet vermouth
2 oz. Makers Mark Kentucky Bourbon
1 dash Angostura bitters

Chill a cocktail glass or fill a rocks glass with ice. Add all ingredients together and stir until cold. Garnish with a cherry on top.

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