How to Maximize your bnbfinder Listing in 2022

How to Maximize your bnbfinder Membership in 2022

It’s hard to believe that winter is almost over, but spring is just around the corner. With winter historically being a low season for many properties in the industry, it is the perfect time to make sure you have everything ready to go for this coming high season. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your bnbfinder membership.

Welcome bnbfinder Gift Cards. 

More bnbfinder gift cards were sold this past holiday season than ever before! This means there are tons of travelers (with pent up travel demand) that are searching to stay at properties just like yours. Back in November 2020,  we eliminated the commission on Gift Cards and moved to a small 3.5% processing fee* – much like what you pay when processing a guest’s credit card.  This means you receive virtually all of the revenue from each booking with a bnbfinder Gift Card. Be sure to accept bnbfinder Gift Cards from any guests asking.  The more innkeepers who welcome bnbfinder Gift Cards, the better the gift they become. 

We recently improved our gift card redemption process to make it even easier for you to accept the gift cards and receive payment. In order to ensure seamless gift card redemptions and satisfaction from your guests, always confirm the amount on a bnbfinder Gift Card when taking a reservation. This ensures that neither you nor your guest are surprised if the amount on the card is different than expected. Feel free to email us at giftcards@bnbfinder.com or call us at (212) 480-0414 for help.

bnbfinder Gift Card Purchase Page

Update and Maximize your listing. 

Our goal is to send travelers directly to your website, booking engine, or phone number in order for them to book directly with you. The travelers, however, make their decision to do this based on your listing on our website. The more you maximize your listing to showcase your property, the more bookings you will receive from us. We are constantly updating and improving the features we offer our members on bnbfinder, so be sure to take advantage of all features available to you to get the maximum exposure we can provide. Make sure all your information and descriptions are current. Have new photos? Update your photos at your convenience in order to best display your property. Have you received any recent awards? List them under the “Affiliations” section while logged in to show your awards and accolades proudly. Need help? Feel free to email us at support@bnbfinder.com or call us at (212) 480-0414 for help.

Refer to your Friends.

Loving bnbfinder and want to tell your friends? Give them your “Reference Code” found under “Account>Details” when logged into your listing. When they sign up using your code, you will both receive 3 months free membership! 

Review your Membership Level.

Do you want more from bnbfinder? With more and more members joining bnbfinder, some locations have become saturated with properties competing for visibility to our travelers. Many properties are so happy with the results from bnbfinder that they are asking how they can receive an even greater return. If this sounds like you, consider reviewing and upgrading your membership level. Different membership levels offer various features and benefits along with added visibility on our search results pages. You can see information on our different membership levels here. If you have any questions about your membership level, email sales@bnbfinder.com or call (512) 524-3386.

Thank you!

With our vastly improved rankings in Google and more premier placement being acquired daily, we’re excited to be sending more and more guests to our members.  We believe we will ultimately become your largest source for direct and commission free bookings and sincerely appreciate your membership with us. 


*To qualify for the 3.5% processing fee versus a 10% commission on redeemed gift cards, you simply need to download and add your bnbfinder badge to your website linking it to your listing on bnbfinder.  For a wide assortment of badges, log into your listing with us and under “Account”, click on “Badges”.  Let us know that you’ve done this, and your bnbfinder GC redemptions will qualify for the 3.5% processing fee.

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