bnbfinder 2024 Traveler Survey

bnbfinder 2024 Traveler Survey

bnbfinder Survey Reveals 68% Travelers are Finding Vacation Rentals on One Website and Then Booking Them on Another to Avoid Fees

As the summer travel season approaches, a recent survey conducted by bnbfinder reveals that millions of Americans leverage major vacation rental platforms to discover their ideal accommodations. Interestingly, after finding their perfect stay, over two thirds of travelers opt to book directly through the property’s website to bypass additional service fees.

Graphic: Do you/have you ever located a property on Airbnb/Vrbo and then searched for the property elsewhere on the internet to book it direct and save fees?

The survey, based on 681 U.S. adults, also found that: 

  • Traveler frustration with vacation rental website service fees is an 8 on a 1-10 scale.
  • More than 9 out of 10 (91%) are likely or very likely to use a site that offered some of the same benefits as platforms, like Airbnb or Vrbo, that did not charge service fees.
  • An overwhelming majority (92%) of Americans say the best price is the most important factor when choosing where they book a vacation rental or other accommodation. 
  • Nearly 95% visit multiple websites before making a booking decision.

Graphic: Rank how important the following factors are to you when choosing where you will stay when you travel?

With bnbfinder’s book direct approach, travelers get access to vacation rentals without service fees so they can enjoy paying the least and getting the best value.

Coastal Escapes Lead the Vacation Scene

Looking ahead to 2024, the allure of sun and sand remains a top choice for 58% of travelers, drawing them towards beach vacations. Following closely behind, road trips are a popular pursuit at 52%, offering a chance for self-guided adventures. Prioritizing relationships, 47% of travelers plan to visit family and friends, while 34% are looking forward to romantic escapes. Adventure enthusiasts make up 30% of travelers who are eagerly preparing for outdoor experiences.

Graphic: What types of Trips do you plan to take in 2024?

Sustainable and Socially-Conscious Accommodations Increasingly Favored

Almost 20% of travelers consistently select accommodations that prioritize sustainability and/or social responsibility, with Gen Zers and Millennials making up 79% of those who consider these factors when making their booking choices.

Graphic: when looking for a vacation rental property to book, do you prioritize ones that have made a sustainable and/or socially conscious efforts?

Road Trippers are Going the Distance

Among those gearing up for road trips in the upcoming year, 41% are preparing for trips covering 150 miles or fewer, while the remaining 56% are geared up for longer hauls exceeding 150 miles. When delving into the reasons behind choosing road travel, 57% mentioned a desire to steer clear of flight inconveniences and other hassles associated with air travel. Additionally, over 25% stated that road trips make it more convenient to bring along their beloved furry companions.

Graphic - For Trips you anticipate taking in 2024, what is the preferred distance you'd like to travel?

Graphic: If you plan to take more road trips over flying this year compared to 2023, what is the main reason why?

Heightened Value for Professionally Managed Vacation Rentals

A significant 67% of travelers prioritize the selection of properties managed by professionals when making their booking choices. The primary drivers behind this preference are the assurance of top-tier quality and service (55%), the availability of secure online transactions (54%), and the peace of mind that comes with vetted and verified listings, ensuring protection against misrepresented or fraudulent vacation rentals (51%).

Graphic : Select why you prefer booking a professional managed vacation rental when you travel.

Methodology: This survey was conducted from Jan. 24 to Feb. 6, 2024. Respondents were made up of 681 Americans ages 18+. 

About bnbfinder

For over 25 years, bnbfinder has been connecting travelers with unique bed and breakfasts, inns and boutique hotel accommodations – without the fees. In 2023, we expanded our platform to include professionally managed vacation rentals so guests can book directly with trusted property managers and avoid the service fees associated with other vacation rental travel sites. Our mission is to put hospitality back in travel by empowering professional property managers while making travel more affordable. To learn more about our vacation rentals without service fees, head over to www.bnbfinder.com

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