Bed, Breakfast and Directions?

Bed, Breakfast and Directions?

GPS Unit from BnBFinder.com /GPSPlanetTrue story. Last summer we were staying at a small Inn outside of New Paltz New York, and decided to go out somewhere nice for dinner. After securing directions to a raved about vegeterian restaurant a few towns over, we had a nice drive through the Shawangunks as the sun was setting.  Dinner was fantastic, and by the time we walked around the vintage main street of the little village, eating homemade rock candy and ogling the gingerbread Victorians, it was pitch black. Driving back to the Inn for the night, we became irretrievably lost. Upstate New York is lightless after 10 o’clock in the summer, and cell phone reception is nonexistant. Many of the streets were unmarked, and the landmarks we used on our way out were no longer visible (other than a sad looking gas station we passed at least 8 times going in two different directions).  What took us half an hour earlier, had turned into a two and a half hour  Odyssey, minus the harpies, but we did see swine a plenty sleeping in their pens.   By the time we saw the sign for our hidden little inn, the wine we bought was near boiling and we were much too exhausted to take advantage of the pool for a night swim like we’d planned.

It’s happened to every traveller at some point.  You’re lost. You’re in a completely unfamiliar area, you don’t recognise the landmarks and possibly you don’t recognise the language. Your friendly innkepers were kind enough to draw you a map of the local atractions, but you left it at that cafe during lunch, time is running short and there are so many things to see.

Bed and Breakfasts are known worldwide for their individual charm and personal service,  but  sadly your innkeepers can’t guide you around their neighborhood, as much as they’d like too. The next best option available for the savvy traveller is to bring a GPS unit along with them, which can guide you from place to place and highlight the best attractions, restaurants and scenic areas.  A GPS system (Global Positioning System) is about the size of an mp3 player, with a large, easy to read screen and a few buttons. A GPS unit will pinpoint your position anywhere in the world, and place you on an electronically updated map, chart your progress and give you simple directions whether you are driving or walking.  It’s easy to plan your day via GPS by selecting the destinations you’d like to visit, and creating a self guided tour for yourself, without the problem of getting lost.

GPS units can be quite pricey.  If you travel just a few times a year, renting a GPS unit is an economical solution. BnBFinder.com  has partnered with GPSPlanet to provide rental GPS units, delivered to the B&B you’ll be staying at, for use on your vacation.  After you’ve decided on your favorite Inn through BnBFinder.com, just click on the GPS link below,  and then you’ll be all set to have the perfect tour guide at your fingertips for your trip.

It’s simple to get started, just click here. Select your travel dates and destination, then select Rent a GPS CTguide for your trip.  Choose where you’d like your CTGuide sent.  It’s guaranteed to arrive at your home, office or the Inn you’ll be staying at on the day you choose.  After you’ve travelled, and are finished using your GPS guide, just place it in the pre-paid mailer, and enjoy your vacation memories. That’s it.

A GPS CTGuide is like an interactive travel guide that never goes out of date.  The touchscreen allows you to search a large database of Points of Interest, mark them, and plan the most efficient or scenic route for your sightseeing. The CTGuide’s feature multi-lingual voice navigation, voice prompt navigation and easy to read graphics which make walking or driving simple, quick and safe. Most of the world is covered by the maps stored in the unit which are constantly updated and include USA (Including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico); Canada; Central America; Western and some of Eastern Europe, Middle East, Australia.

The Abner Adams House  B&B in the Finger Lakes region of New York also offers  Geocaching Weekend special, for anyone who really wants to use GPS to do some serious exploring. You’ll have the opportunity to go on a treasure hunt, using your GPS unit as a treasure map while  exploring this beautiful area of upstate New York.  GPS users find a multiple locations of caches within 25 miles of the inn.  You also have the option of walking out the Inn’s Out  front door for a multi-cache “Walk through Bloomfield History” GPS tour.  This cache takes you on a walking tour of part of the historic village of Bloomfield, NY.  Get your family and friends together for this outdoor hobby. The Abner Adam House will also supply full access to a computer and printer to help you map your way in your explorations.

It’s no secret that bad, missing, incomplete or botched directions are the number one cause of bickering on vacation. OK, I don’t know if it’s the number one reason, but it has to up there. Getting away to a Bed and Breakfast is all about relaxing, and enjoying yourself, and renting a GPS unit can help remove any stress or worry about getting lost on your trip.   Time is always short when you’re on a vacation, so with a bit of careful planning and GPS magic, you can make the most of your time away from home.

It’s easy to rent a GPS unit with BnBFinder.com.  After booking the perfect inn to stay at, just click on the link to rent a GPS Unit.

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