MacGyver,Taxes and Your Bed and Breakfast

MacGyver,Taxes and Your Bed and Breakfast

Everything is an Asset

 – Occam’s Razor is a simple principle; all other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best. This applies to many things, and promoting a B&B is no exception. It can be a challenge to let people know how wonderful your Inn is, and we all know that talking through the static and reaching potential guests can be a complicated operation. It doesn’t have to be. By applying Occam’s Razor to your marketing plan, you ‘ll save yourself time and money by promoting what you already have, and what you already know. There’s no reason to create anything from scratch or purchase anything new, just take a penetrating look into your business and connect the dots. It’s easier than you think. Use the skills, materials and advantages you have on hand.

Many Innkeepers have excellent marketing instincts, and create unique packages based on the MacGyver Method. Use what you have in a new and clever way. Taxes are almost universally decried, but at the same time they are almost universally paid. Below, I’ve compiled a few fantastic, creative marketing ideas from several inkeepers that manage to tie together taxes and B&B’s. It’s an odd combination, but that’s the point. Anything can be used to your advantage if you are willing to put in some thought. Below you’ll see how a few innkeepers have used their creativity to turn their skills, situations and taxes into popular specials that attract guests. Posting your new and creative specials and packages on BnBFinder.com is a wonderful way to let the world know what sets your Inn apart.

As Sure As…Take Tax Day Off or Skip the Taxes Altogether

The tax man cometh. Nothing is assured but death and taxes. You can’t run from the IRS. Like mothers, taxes are often misunderstood, but seldom forgotten. When it comes to cliches, references to paying taxes are certainly leading the pack. Most people don’t associate getting away to a B&B and taxes, unless they’re actually on the run. You don’t have to be a fugitive from the Feds to combine your taxes with your spring getaway, because here at BnBfinder.com we’ve done all the legwork for you and come up with some inspiring packages to chase away the April 15th blues.

At the Deer Creek Inn in Nevada City, California Innkeepers’ Ken and Eileen Strangfeld, host their ‘Tax and Relax’ special for world weary taxpayers. The words ‘Tax and Relax’ don’t often appear in the same sentence, unless an attorney is speaking, but Ken and Eileen have found a way to make doing your taxes enjoyable and less expensive. Ken is licensed by the California State Board of Accountancy and has over 25 years of experience preparing corporation, partnership, estate, and non-profit and individual tax returns with a special emphasis on non-profits and individual returns for both small business and the self-employed. They invite guests to take a little vacation while Ken worries about completeing your taxes. Guests who make arrangements in advance can spend a night at the Queen Anne Victorian Deer Creek Inn for free, when they have their taxes done by Ken. The cost of your travel expenses may also be deductible as well! One way or another, you need to file your taxes, so why not try to make it fun?

If you’ve just had it with taxes all together, a trip to stay at a B&B in Montanna or New Hampshire might be just the escape you need. It really is an escape, because News Hampshire and Montanna lack a state sales tax, and the gorgeous scenery is free to look at.

At the Paradise Getaway B&B in Emigrant MT, you can wander off into Yellowstone Park, fish in the Missouri River, but most importantly, not have to think about your tax burden. Nothing helps clear your mind likesome time in the mountain air, and some tax free bargains.

At the Adair Country Inn in Bethlehem NH, enjoy some tax free shopping at the local stores in nearby Bethlehem and Littleton. If you are really interested in making the most of the NH shopping, it’s a short drive to North Conway, known as the ‘Outlet Mecca’ of NH. North Conway has over 100 name brand and designer outlets all selling items tax free and at a discount. Adair Country Inn also provides guests with maps that highlight the local shops and attractions to maximize your savings.


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