The Economy - From the Innkeepers' Perspective

The Economy – From the Innkeepers' Perspective

It’s hard to have a conversation without someone bringing up the economy. Are things better than we think? Are they worse? Is there no clear answer? It seems everyone has an opinion on the matter. If you’re an innkeeper, we’d love to hear your first hand experience. We’ve created a poll to find out what innkeepers are seeing as the summer approaches.

Some innkeepers are telling us the current state of the economy is actually increasing bookings. They feel more folks who would normally travel out of the country are saving money by staying closer to home, and staying at a B&B. Other innkeepers have told us they have more vacancies than at this time last year, which presents an opportunity for the traveler. As innkeepers, there is no one in a better position to explain what’s going on in your local region so if you’re an innkeeper we’d love to hear your opinion. Please take a moment to participate in our innkeeper poll and also post a comment below.


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