What's The Secret To Thick Cookies?

What’s The Secret To Thick Cookies?

Thick Chocolate Chip CookiesFrom time to time here at BnBFinder, innkeepers will get in touch with us because they have a question about some aspect of the inn business. We’re accustomed to handling inquiries about marketing your B&B, how search engines really work,what a Babymoon is and what the weather is like in NYC. Yesterday an innkeeper got in touch with a query that has us stumped, so we’re looking for your assistance to find an answer.

“How do you make thick cookies? How do other innkeepers keep them from spreading out in the pan?”


Considering the recipes and photos we see daily from all of you innkeepers out there, we’re absolutely confident that someone out there has the answers. Please take a second and leave a comment if you have some advice to share. Thanks!

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