Inn Reality...

Maureen Outsider's InnRunning an inn has more than its’ share of rewards, but I’ve never spoken to an innkeeper who would classify it as an easy job. Last year, we got to see Tori and Dean screw up again and again on their reality tv hit ‘Dean and Tori – Inn Love’. We’ve just received word that a new B&B based reality show is currently filming at an inn somewhere in Tennessee with a motley crew of perennial reality tv show stars as the innkeepers. We’re taking odds here at BnBFinder. Will it be breakfast in bed…or will they wreck it instead?

The show is called Outsider’s Inn, and will begin airing on Country Music Television August 15, 2008. The trio of innkeepers include Ms. Maureen (‘Marcia Brady’) McCormick, who is also an accomplished country singer. Carnie (‘Wilson-Phillips Alum and daughter of Beach Boy Brian’) Wilson and Bobby (‘New Edition married to Whitney Houston’) Brown. Each of the three will have their own specific duties while making the inn run smoothly. Ms. McCormick is the head innkeeper, Bobby Brown is the entertainment director and Carnie Wilson will take over kitchen duties as head chef.

Entertainment director? The challenges each week will involve ‘eclectic houseguests’ which would seem to be a step towards the ‘reality’ of reality programming. You can be certain we’ll be following Outsider’s Inn very closely, as we know most of you will as well [This has nothing to do with a certain persons long standing crush on the eldest Brady sister] . This is exciting news, and will absolutely put the idea of staying at a B&B in front of more and more people. As always, we’ll let you know whenever we hear anything new.

Are there any innkeepers out their who think there inn would make a fun reality show?

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