Fluffy Scrambled Eggs: A Mystery

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs: A Mystery

After our post of a few days ago, inquiring about the best way to make thick cookies, one reader was so impressed with the overwhelming response from innkeepers she brought us a question of her own.

How can I make my scrambled eggs fluffy?’

That’s a mystery to us, and making fluffy eggs is what separates the guests from the innkeepers. Is it a matter of physics, or the touch of a master chef? It isn’t easy! If anyone is able to give a good answer to this question, it would be the inn keeping community. Diner owners may be the only other group on the planet with as much experience cooking perfect eggs as innkeepers.

The best eggs I’ve had were at the Short Stop Diner somewhere in the wilds of New Jersey. They were famous for serving ‘Eggs in the Skillet’, which is a wonderful novelty to a child. Just don’t grab the handle! They had fluffy eggs, and I think their secret was the 2-3 pounds of butter per egg in each skillet.

What are the most popular ways that guests at B&Bs enjoy them? Is it regional? Here in NYC, a scrambled egg sandwich comes standard with salt, pepper and ketchup, but I know in other parts of the country it’s hot sauce. Until receiving this question, we had never really pondered the breadth, depth and usefulness of eggs, especially to innkeepers.

Please leave us a comment below to help out a fellow innkeeper, and lets talk about eggs. Goo goo g’joob.

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