Ghosts and All: Haunted B&B Hits the Auction Block

Ghosts and All: Haunted B&B Hits the Auction Block

Snow Hill InnHaunted B&Bs are extremely popular, and many guests hoping for a glimpse of the afterlife or a good scare specifically seek them out. Regardless of how you feel, having a spectral visitor at your B&B can be a great selling point. Today, we came across an article from Snow Hill Maryland about a B&B, which includes a resident ghost, being sold at a public auction.

According to writer Mindy Burgoyne, the ghost has been seen and felt by many people, and ‘Innkeepers, contractors, guests, children, employees and towns people all have stories of the young man who roams the halls of the Inn, locking doors, opening windows, turning lights off and on, setting fire alarms, appearing in mirrors, shaking beds with sleeping guests in them, extinguishing candles, lighting the fireplaces and more’.

This scenario raises some interesting questions about spooks, real estate and the general traits that make a building a good B&B. Prior to the auction, the Snow Hill Inn was actually advertised under the tag line, ‘The Ghost of Snow Hill Inn’ on the local real estate listing website. What’s curious, is many supposedly haunted homes are often impossible to sell. There have been several court cases where real estate contracts were voided in courts of law due to hauntings, and many homes been declared legally haunted.

Why are ghosts considered a nuisance and problem in the real estate world, except when it comes to B&Bs? Is there something about innkeepers and B&B guests that strays from the norm, and lets them turn everyone else’s lemons into lemonade? Has anyone specifically sought out a haunted house to turn into B&B, knowing how popular they are? We’d love to hear from innkeepers who sought out a haunted space, and B&B guests who’ve done the same.

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