Top 10 B&B Honeymoon Myths Put to Bed

Top 10 B&B Honeymoon Myths Put to Bed

Top 10 B&B Honeymoon Myths Put to Bed

The number of couples choosing bed & breakfasts for their honeymoon is on the rise. Perhaps it’s the high cost of travel forcing couples to consider celebrating their love closer to home or maybe it’s simply that the word is out that B&Bs are travel’s best kept secret.

For those who never considered or who don’t understand the intimate personalization of creating honeymoon memories at a bed & breakfast, we’ve put to rest 10 common myths about honeymoon romance at B&Bs.

Myth #1: B&Bs Are Cheap And Second-Rate
Fact: While there are many values offered by bed and breakfasts that can make them an economical alternative to other accommodations, B&B guests find upscale amenities such as luxury linens, fresh flowers, fine china and gourmet candlelit breakfasts – amenities and special touches not found even at higher priced hotels.

Myth #2: Breakfast Is Family Style With Other Guests
Fact: Many bed and breakfasts have restaurant style seating so you and your sweetheart can have a romantic dining experience at a table of your own or breakfast in bed, usually without the expense of room service!

Myth #3: Shared Bathrooms
Fact: A long believed myth about bed and breakfasts is that guests must share common bathrooms. It’s time to uncover the truth! It’s rare to find a B&B with shared baths (and those few that have them let you know before you book). More common is to find well-appointed private baths with Jacuzzis or hot tubs.

Myth #4: Bed And Breakfasts Are Only For Older Couples
Fact: In a recent poll, innkeepers reported the average age of honeymooners is between twenty and thirty. Inns across the country are welcoming honeymooners from recent high school graduates to great grandparents, so there is something for everyone!

Myth #5: Limited Privacy
Fact: Many bed and breakfasts maintain a quiet, romantic, mature atmosphere for their adult guests and often have policies prohibiting children. Innkeepers have also taken into account thin walls and squeaky staircases by soundproofing, remodeling and updating older homes.

Myth #6: Fattening, Unhealthy Breakfasts
Fact: Since breakfast is a highlight of most B&B stays, mention any special dietary restrictions when booking your room. Many inns are adjusting their portion sizes and now serve healthy dishes such as fruit, oatmeal, and low-fat, gluten free or low-carb items. They are keenly aware of dietary restrictions and food allergies and can accommodate you when you let them know in advance. Then, enjoy the fact that you are eating a delicious breakfast that the chefs pride themselves in (innkeepers are usually happy to share their signature recipes with you to make at home).

Myth #7: B&Bs Are Just A Room – And Boring
Fact: On the contrary, many bed and breakfast inns provide activities for their guests, free of charge, or have deals with local vendors to offer guests discounted rates. Because of their size, bed and breakfasts are able to offer individualized activities, personal service, local knowledge and experiences as well as help with hard to get reservations.

Myth #8: Only Breakfast Is Served At A B&B
Fact: Don’t let the name fool you! Even though they are called “bed and breakfasts” many inns offer lunch and dinner à la carte. For a romantic twist, many innkeepers offer to pack a picnic lunch to take on your day trip – and can share the most scenic and romantic spot to spread the blanket. Dinner is not off the table (and it’s often candlelit) at some inns too.

Myth #9: Spa Services Are Not Available At Small Inns
Fact: Bed and breakfasts offer a multitude of additional services. For the ultimate honeymoon experience, inquire about spa services offered at many B&Bs. Some inns offer special pricing packages at local salons and others offer spa treatments onsite and often in the privacy and comfort of your room.

Myth #10: B&Bs Don’t Offer Discount Pricing
Fact: Many bed and breakfasts offer honeymoon packages with romantic extras adding up to special savings for you and your loved one.
From chocolate and roses to spa treatments, inns put together packages to entice every taste and personality. If it’s gourmet food and wine, couples massage, and your own private suite in a stunning location that most appeals, there is a bed and breakfast inn that can fulfill your every desire. You and your sweetheart can decide together whether you want to get out for a horse drawn carriage or sleigh ride or just soak in a private in-room Jacuzzi tub then snuggle under the covers with milk and freshly baked cookies. You may want to frolic in the colorful leaves around in a historic manor house in the fall, burrow in a cozy, secluded mountain inn in winter, go baroque in a frilly Victorian to celebrate spring, or venture to a beachside or waterfront inn for fun in the summer sun. Depending on your budget and time available, you may be delighted to discover a very special inn close to home offering you an affordable, but no less wonderful honeymoon escape.

B&Bs, often considered Travel’s Best Kept Secret, can be found in directories such as BnBFinder.com. The personalized service you will receive when staying at a bed and breakfast is sure to make your honeymoon a memorable event that you will cherish forever.

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