Owl and Pussycat-Style Floating B&B Stays

Owl and Pussycat-Style Floating B&B Stays

If the fabulous leopard-trim Topsiders you splurged on this summer have not yet made it off dry land, consider treating yourself and your significant other to a “floating” bed and breakfast getaway in true Owl and the Pussycat style. A boat and breakfast getaway lets you be captain of your fate and also a pampered guest on board a lovely schooner piloted by your amiable captain, who doubles as your innkeeper.

A floating B&B affords guests the unique experience of spending a night on the water without having to buy a boat – or even steer one.  After a relaxing evening cruise, your captain drops anchor and there’s a good chance the gentle currents will lull you to the Land of Nod. Some innkeepers offer Bring Your Own Sleeping Bag options, inviting you to hunker down on the deck and sleep under the stars.  Mornings are beauteous and bountiful on the water: steaming coffee and homemade breakfasts are servedon deck as you feast your eyes on the gorgeous sunrise and breathe in the fresh sea air. Hopefully your Topsiders will get just wet enough to convince your friends you spent enough time at sea this summer to justify buying the Topsiders!

Castaway for an adventure on the Schooner Manitou, a circa 1800s windjammer that docks in Traverse City, Michigan, and you have the unique opportunity of either spending the night tucked into a comfy bunk in a cozy cabin for two, or sleep on deck, under the stars. Make this mini-cruise the highlight of your summer. Whether you choose to keep things romantic and intimate, or open up the experience to include up to 23 of your friends, the bed and breakfast takes on new meaning when it is on the water. The evening commences with a two-hour sail on Lake Michigan, after which the  skipper docks for the night. Use  the rest of the night to read, smooch, or stare at the stars. In the morning, a spectacular sunrise over Old Mission Peninsula greets you while your skipper prepares a hungry sailor breakfast on the schooner’s wood burning stove. Dine topside for a postcard view of Michigan’s scenic shoreline and savor your mug of freshly-brewed coffee. Packages start at $209 per couple and include a two-hour evening sail, your bunk for the night, and a homemade breakfast. Please note that the ship does not sail all night, it returns dockside. Reservations for the Bed and Breakfast Package are required as availability is limited.

Follow the cobblestone streets down to the harbor in quaint Fells Point, Maryland and a night on the water beckons to you. The Pintita Boat and Breakfast is a 45 foot sailing ketch that operates out of lively Baltimore Harbor. With room to accommodate up to four people in its two handsome, wood-paneled staterooms, the Pintita B&B offers a nautical adventure with all the comforts of a traditional inn stay, but in an unconventional and memorable environment. Included in the package is a two-hour sail on Chesapeake Bay with the sparkling Baltimore skyline glittering in the distance, non-alcoholic beverages, and a delicious seafaring breakfast, such as the skipper’s yummy blueberry pancakes. This package costs $300 per night for up to two guests, and $400 per night for a maximum of four guests. Check in is at 6 PM, and reservations are required. The Boat and Breakfast operates until mid-November. Guests are welcome to bring their own alcoholic beverages on board with them.

Grab your Topsiders, your honey, and some five pound notes, and embark on a floating B&B adventure – or stay on terra firma – by choosing from among the many Great Outdoors Packages on BnBFinder.com

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