B&B Breakfasts Across Continents

B&B Breakfasts Across Continents

Staying in a bed and breakfast when you go on holiday is a great way to get to grips with the local cuisine. Whether you are wandering down the streets of Scotland, hitch-hiking across the Netherlands or enjoying a spot of sunbathing in South Africa, breakfast at a B&B is a fantastic way to experience the culture of your chosen holiday destination. Tuck into a barbequed Boerewors (a traditional South African spiral sausage) in Johannesburg, or slurp down a cup of freshly brewed black coffee in the heart of Italy. Wherever your wanderlust takes you this month, make sure it includes a B&B breakfast!

Take a look at these typical B&B breakfasts from around the world:

South Africa

B&B breakfasts in South Africa are generally a lavish affair. Expect a delicious array of continental delights including cheese and cold meat platters, fresh fruit salad and creamy yogurts to make your taste buds tingle! Savoury snacks are the order of the day, so fill up the tank with some bread or a nice slice of Boerewors if the host happens to have a braai barbeque on hand. Toasty hot treats also include things like chicken liver with a spicy peri peri sauce and a good old fashioned omelette.


Generally speaking, European B&Bs love their sweet stuff. Whether it’s a chocolate-studded muffin or a deliciously decadent Danish pastry you’re after, there’s a sweet treat to suit everyone in Europe. Don’t be surprised if a host in Florence offers you an overwhelming selection of filter coffees to choose from; a steaming hot cup of the brown beans is the only way to start the day in Italy! Toast fanatics will be spoiled for choice when it comes to toppings; European B&Bs often provide an impressive array of spreads, including jam, peanut butter and chocolate.


The great British B&B breakfast is truly a thing of beauty. Sausages lie side by side with rashers (slices) of crispy bacon, and fried eggs sit happily next to a sloppy scoopful of beans. If you’re lucky you might get a couple of hash browns, a few fried tomatoes and a scrumptious set of grilled mushrooms, too. Travelers who don’t mind the thought of tasting blood can also try a traditional black pudding, which is a blend of onions, pork fat, oatmeal and pig’s blood. Country B&Bs often have a small patch for growing fruit and vegetables, so guests can enjoy seasonal berries and fresh produce in the summer months.

No matter where you’re headed, breakfast at a B&B is a great way to start your day. Whether you fancy a hearty English fry-up or a tasty sweet pastry from Europe, you’re sure to find something to suit you. Book that dream holiday, tuck into a B&B breakfast and start sightseeing; you won’t regret it!

Becky writes for Enjoybedandbreakfast.com, a travel website that helps independent travelers find unique places to stay. Becky, a passionate traveler, is always on the search for hidden gems and accommodations that don’t break the bank. In her spare time she also writes for BnB Edition, a blog for B&B owners.

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