Commemorating Veterans Day: A Time to Salute Our Heroes

Commemorating Veterans Day: A Time to Salute Our Heroes

Today marks an important occasion in our country – Veterans Day. It was created specifically to demonstrate our gratitude and appreciation for all of the dedicated and challenging work our men and women of the military perform all year long. They put their lives on the line to ensure our safety and freedom, and we could not be more grateful for their service. For the BnBFinder team, this subject is one that’s near and dear to our hearts, as well as our industry. There are B&B’s all across the country who support the cause through the B&B’s for Vets program. Many also provide discounts and amenities to military families all year long. BnBFinder has a designated area on our website where you can find information about them – Military Specials (click here for more info) – and we ourselves also give back in other ways as well. It is with heartfelt thanks that we salute everyone in uniform today, and always.

Veteran Garry Black with innkeeper GingerVeteran Garry Black with innkeeper Ginger

Veteran Garry Black was awarded a “Wake Up Someplace Special” gift certificate from BnBFinder, and this year he decided to spend a tranquil overnight at Martha’s Vineyard Bed and Breakfast in South Haven, MI, located in the heart of majestic Michigan wine country. Gary served in the 1st Infantry of the Army during the years of 1971 to 1973. He stated that he had a wonderful stay, and that innkeeper Ginger “made us feel very welcome, a gracious host, and the food was wonderful!”

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