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Say “I do” at Inns or B&Bs, Intimate Wedding and Elopements

You’ve found your soul mate and now it’s time to plan the wedding ceremony.  You want it to be special, memorable and oh yes, affordable too. The memorable part is the easy task.  No matter what the size of your wedding – from elopements to destination weddings – staying within the wedding budget is the challenge. bnbfinder, the world’s most comprehensive independently owned international bed and breakfast directory, offers a number of reasons that inns and B&Bs offer the best locations for everything from  small weddings to destination weddings and receptions.

bride and groom elopement at Chesterfield InnCombine the wedding and honeymoon into one location

Whether it’s an elopement, re-commitment ceremony or a larger wedding, B&Bs offer intimate settings for the wedding and reception.  No need to venture any further afterward – intimate honeymoons are the expertise of most innkeepers. Look for the honeymoon or romance package on the inn’s website.  In some cases, the elopement and honeymoon may come as one package. If you’re planning a larger wedding, consider holding the wedding outside on the grounds of the inn and then the reception under a tent afterward.  Best of all, the inn or B&B is the ideal place to spend your wedding night, in an intimate suite falling asleep to the flicker of a private fireplace. No point in wasting time to get from the church to the wedding to the wedding night location when it can all be held at the same beautiful B&B.  This saves your budget too.

Everyone can stay in the same location

If you have friends or family coming from out of town, consider renting the whole inn for your wedding. Unlike a hotel where your guests are scattered in rooms throughout the property, you can book the entire B&B and have it all to yourselves. Having loved ones and best friends stay at the same location as the bride and groom can give the bride and groom more time to spend with close family or friends before and after the wedding. Plus, extra rooms could also be used by guests to touch up their makeup, put a child down for a nap, or change outfits between events. Best of all, it means non-wedding guests won’t be gawking or worse yet, photo bombing the event!

B&B innkeepers really understand hospitality

When it comes to intimate, innkeepers really get it.  Inns and B&Bs specializing in weddings understand the challenges that nerves create on the big day.  Your wedding will be the innkeepers’ highest priority and their experience in guest comfort will come in handy on the big day.  From nervous Moms to bridezilla or growling grooms, innkeepers are champions of comfort and have seen it all. Count on their skills in guest care to make the day perfect for everyone in the wedding party and for guests too.

B&Bs allow affordable smaller weddings

Trying to keep guest list down and the expenses manageable?  Holding your wedding at an inn or B&B ensures that the entire event will not exceed the size of the property.  While many inns and B&Bs are equipped with wedding facilities for larger weddings – from barns to tents to onsite chapels – holding your wedding at a smaller inn or B&B will ensure that the entire event doesn’t get too large.  In addition, because inns and B&Bs are independently owned, they’re not subject to corporately-mandated fees and expenses. From facility charges to add-on’s you’ll find inns and B&Bs to generally be less expensive wedding venues than larger hotels.

Do it your way

Independently owned means that inns and B&Bs can allow brides and grooms to design their own weddings. From décor to flowers, food and the honeymoon afterward, there are no pre-determined restrictions beyond those of state and local laws.  Innkeepers relish the chance to work with you and design your special day to meet your dreams and your budget and will have the knowledge of local vendors who can help make your wedding the most memorable day of your life.

Count on bnbfinder to help find the ideal inn or B&B for your very special wedding day.

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