Border Collies Rescued and Fostered in Heart of Texas

BlissWood, Texas innkeeper who Rescued Border Collies in Texas

Meet Carol Davis. Texas Innkeeper who has Rescued Border Collies in Texas.

Throughout the year, bnbfinder will feature innkeepers helping others, giving back to their communities and going above and beyond the call of innkeeping. While innkeepers are keen multitaskers and jacks of all trades, the one thing they all have in common is a big heart. Our Above and Beyond Innkeeping series will focus on how innkeepers push the envelope and go beyond innkeeping to help others.

About Carol Davis, Texas Innkeeper

Border Collie Puppies in a Photoshoot

Carol Davis is the innkeeper at BlissWood Bed and Breakfast Ranch in Cat Springs, TX. In addition to managing the B&B, corporate retreats and weddings, ranch and a busy restaurant, Carol has founded and maintains a non-profit called Fosters of BlissWood, dedicated to providing the financial assistance needed (mostly for dog food) that she personally furnishes, so that Border Collies can continue to live, and be taken care of at BlissWood. Throughout the past seven years at BlissWood, Carol has rescued Border Collies in Texas, with more than 400 rescues to her name. She tells bnbfinder editors, “My highest number of rescues I had at one given time was 48! I only have 20 now. I don’t know how I managed 48 at one time, now that I think back on it. It was a labor of love, for sure.”

Rescued Border Collie Puppies in Texas

Carol shared a favorite story that warmed all the bnbfinder editors’, hearts. “Eight puppies were orphaned at two days old after their mom got killed by a car,” she told us. “I bottle fed those babes and they all survived, but I’ll have to say I hardly survived that day-and- night feeding of eight little hungry pups. I gained a new respect for human moms,” she said. “Then one of the hardest things I did in my rescue efforts, and the second or maybe even harder was to say “goodbye” to them when they were adopted. I couldn’t bear to let them all go, I adopted two!” Carol finished.

The Texas Innkeeper went on to tell bnbfinder that she also rescued a dog from Sochi, Russia, when preparations were underway for the country to host the Winter Olympics and street dogs were being euthanized. She tells bnbfinder, “I named him “Stetson” since he came here to be a Texan! He even has his own Facebook page.” The Facebook page is Stetson from Russia with Love! Stetson is one of Carol’s beloved Border Collies who lives on the ranch.

Above and Beyond Fostering

While Carol works alongside All Border Collies Rescue (ABCR), a 501c3 organization that works tirelessly to fundraise so that all of the organization’s dogs are provided for medically,  individual foster homes like hers also go above and beyond. They donate their own time, energy, love, training, transportation of dogs to/from events, the vet, and transport to meet potential adoptive families.

Fostering dogs on a large scale as is done at BlissWood is very costly. “Helping these amazing dogs is one of my most dear passions and I have been so blessed to be able to do it for so many years and wish to do it for many years to come,” Carol tells bnbfinder. “My hope is that this organization will flourish and grow so that it may financially provide for the sheer quantity of dog food and other necessities for all of the ABCR foster dogs who call BlissWood home while they await adoption through All Border Collie Rescue,” she finished.

Carol Davis continues to do her work or rescuing Border Collies in Cat Springs, Texas.

To learn more about Fosters of BlissWood, visit https://www.fostersofblisswood.com/.

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