Survey Says! Best Travel Gifts for 2019 are B&B Travel Gift Cards

Best Travel Gifts for 2019 are Travel Gift Cards to B&Bs

What’s Hot This Season? Trips to B&Bs!

A recent bnbfinder survey shows that more than 6 in 10 travelers rate a travel gift card at the top of their holiday wish list.

The burning question swirling this time of year is “what is the year’s hot and trendy item on holiday wish lists” (especially for the person who has everything? bnbfinder, the world’s most comprehensive independently owned bed and breakfast directory, asked travelers in a survey what they’d like to give and get under the tree this holiday season.The answer was clear: Travelers said the best travel gifts are experiences and travel gift cards. bnbfinder answers the burning question on what to give that person who has everything this holiday season – a personalized travel gift card from bnbfinder, honored at B&Bs across the USA.

Travelers seek experiences

Move aside puppies, diamonds, ties and ugly sweaters, this holiday season consumers want
custom gift cards for trips and experiences. When asked what they’d most like to receive this holiday season, more than six out of ten travelers told bnbfinder they want a trip, experience, or gift card.

Graphic - What would you most like to receive as a gift this holiday season?

Graph - What we Want for Christmas Answers

Travelers want B&B experiences under the tree this holiday season

Consumers don’t want just any gift card. When asked if they were to receive a trip, what would they want the gift of travel to include?  Six out of ten respondents said they would want the gift of travel to include a gift card to a B&B. In fact, nearly twice as many travelers responding to the survey weighed in that they’d prefer a B&B gift card over a gift card to a hotel or motel. B&B gift cards were chosen more often than airline tickets, rental or dining gift cards as the top choice for the ideal traveler gift this holiday season.

Graphic - If you were to receive a trip as a gift this holiday season, what would you most like it to include?

Trips Include, What Answers

Romantic travel tops the list this year – no wonder they want B&B’s

Wondering why B&B travel scores so high on the holiday wish list? When survey respondents were asked what kind of travel they enjoy most, romantic and couples getaways came in as the number one answer. More survey respondents told bnbfinder that romantic travel is their number one or two choice for the most enjoyable travel. Clearly, in survey respondents’ minds and the general traveling public, Inns and B&Bs offer travelers the best choices for romantic getaways with amenities geared toward intimate escapes and haute hospitality.

Graphic - When you think about the kind of travel you enjoy most, please rate the following options with 1 being the option you'd prefer most and 8 being the one you'd least like.

Nearly half of consumers plan to spend $500 to $1000 or more this holiday season

To achieve that perfect gift giving goal, nearly one in two survey respondents told bnbfinder that they plan to spend anywhere from $500 to $1000 or more on holiday gifts in 2019.

Graphic - Approximately how much do you plan to spend on holiday gifts in 2019?

Holiday spenders are in luck this year.  The gift of B&B travel fits well into the budget for holiday spending this year. bnbfinder Getaway Gift Cards can be ordered in any amount and the balance is good for a lifetime; it never expires. Add a personal message to customize the gift card for the traveler. And, for last minute shoppers, bnbfinder Getaway Gift Cards are emailed to the recipient and can arrive on Christmas morning, Hanukkah, or that special anniversary or birthday. Best of all, bnbfinder Getaway Gift Cards are honored at many inns and B&Bs across the USA. A bnbfinder Getaway Gift Card is the top choice for giving the gift of B&B travel, making you a hero this holiday season.


The bnbfinder holiday survey was sent in late September 2019, to a list of travelers maintained by bnbfinder. Promoted via social media and email newsletters, the survey was responded to by over 100 people. The responses offer a slice of travelers’ thinking from which conclusions in this article were based.

To learn more about bnbfinder, visit https://bnbfinderdev.wpengine.com.

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