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Are you thinking about heading to Savannah for your upcoming vacation? This city is not only the oldest in Georgia, but also one of the most beautiful locations to visit in this state. Whether you want to hike and enjoy fantastic landscapes, or visit museums and other landmarks, you will love Savannah.

The Foley House Inn is the perfect starting point for exploring the city and nearby areas. This Savannah bed and breakfast has received multiple awards by reputable traveling magazines, and it is perpetually one of the top-rated accommodations in the area.

It only takes a couple of clicks to book the Foley House online. This B&B is situated in a peaceful block, and is ideal to get away from the crowd when you need to recharge. The location is in the center of the city’s Historic District, which is a great place to begin exploring Savannah.

Basic Overview – When You Should Go to Savannah?

Savannah was founded in 1733, and it was the capital of Georgia at the time. Today, it has a population of around 144,000, and it is the fifth-biggest city in the state.

You should aim to visit Savannah during the spring or summer. There will be multiple amazing events during March and April, including the River Street Seafood Festival and the Savannah Music Festival. Although the temperatures rarely go below zero, you will see most tourists in Savannah during the summer. You might encounter a couple of rainfalls, especially if you head to Tybee Island, but July is the perfect time to visit this city.

Did You Know That Savannah Has 22 Squares?

The Foley House is situated at the Chippewa Square, but there are more than twenty other squares in this city. It could take days to explore all of them, which is why we singled out the best options:

  •       Calhoun Square – the beauty of this location is that all the original historic buildings are still there. The square features a Methodist Church and a Massie School.
  •       Columbia Square – you will love the fountain at this square’s center. Its origin dates back to the early settlers of Savannah.
  •       Franklin Square – this location is named in honor of the famous Ben Franklin. There used to be a water tower here, but you can still find the City Market and the First African Baptist Church.
  •       Telfair Square – art lovers should visit this area. It features a Jepson Center, and the Telfair Museum of Arts.
  •       Reynolds Square – you can visit the local Lucas Theatre where country stars, orchestras, and operas are frequent guests. If you feel like having a memorable dining experience, head to the Olde Pink House.

If you feel like taking a walk, head to Forsyth Park. It offers 30 acres of greenery, and many consider it to be Savannah’s main park. Not only you will enjoy walking, but you will also come across numerous beautiful fountains and monuments.

Get to Know the History of the City

Exploring the city’s squares will help you get to know the beauty of Savannah. If you want to learn more about the history of this place, we would recommend focusing on historical buildings. You can choose between hiring a professional guide, or exploring the city for yourself.

Here are some mandatory sites to visit:

  •       Chippewa Square – if you watched Forrest Gump, this is the place where the famous bench scene was filmed. And if you stay at Foley House, it will only be a couple of minutes away.
  •       Cathedral of St. John the Baptist – it is the first Roman Catholic church in Georgia as it was established in 1876. It is also among the tallest buildings in Savannah.
  •       Museums – if you would like to know the city’s slavery history, head to the Slave Quarters Museum. You will also find the home of the author Flannery O’ Conner, and the American Prohibition Museum.

Top-Quality Food and Drinks

If you want to sit at the bar and drink tasty cocktails, you will love The Grey. Those who are gourmet lovers might prefer the Husk. It is also the perfect location to have a romantic dinner, and a memorable experience. Perhaps you don’t feel like sitting down? If that is the case, the Treylor Park will serve delicious food to eat on the go.

Mata Hari is a truly special place. It is a retro-themed bar inspired by the famous spy. You will need a key to enter, and there are various ways of getting one. Those who prefer a relaxed environment should try the Alley Cat.

Where to Stay and Why You Should Choose the Foley House Inn?

Once you are tired from a day filled with fun and exciting activities, you need a place to rest. The Foley House Inn features a concept that joins two old townhouses to offer an exclusive bed and breakfast for everyone looking for premium accommodations.

The location of this Savannah B&B will impress you. Chippewa Square is a part of the old town, and it is in a peaceful and quiet area. That means there will be no disturbances when you want to get an afternoon rest, and you don’t have to worry about loud music during the night.

When it comes to the capacity of the Foley House, you will find a total of 19 guest rooms spread across two townhouses. Each of the guest rooms has a private entrance, which means you don’t have to worry about anyone barging in your private space. While we are there, let’s mention that each room has its own private bathroom, which is only expected from top-rated accommodations.

Some units feature air jet or whirlpool tubs – feel free to use them to relax your muscles after a walk around Savannah. You shouldn’t worry about the room getting too warm because there is climate control to set your desired temperature. Additionally, the blackout curtains will ensure you can sleep in if you’re not an early riser.

The Foley House Inn equipped every room with a sitting area and workspace, a sofa bed, as well as an LCD TV for those who like to kick back with a movie in the evening. Once you lie down on the king bed, it will feel like being on clouds. The high-quality bedding is soft and capable of staying cool so that you don’t have to worry about being hot during the night.

As for the available amenities on the site, you will have free wi-fi in rooms and around the premises. You can enjoy drinking an afternoon tea in the gardens, or visit the lounge bar. The facility offers laundry services, and there is a no-smoking policy.

Plan a Small Vacation… Or a Big One for the Entire Family!

Do you want to run away from everything with your partner? Are you planning a big vacation for the entire family, and need a place that allows children and pets? Would you like to find connecting rooms so that everyone could be close?

Foley House Inn in Savannah will suit all your accommodation needs. Don’t hesitate to book a room right away to resolve the problem of where you will be staying. From there, it will be easy to plan your vacation and enjoy visiting memorable locations in Savannah!

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