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When a beautiful location and extravagant luxury collide, the end result is the Foster Harris House of (Little) Washington, Virginia. Not to be confused with its namesake and our nation’s capital just 75 miles to the east, the two couldn’t be more opposite.

Erudite and upscale as the megalopolis is, Virginia’s version of the many settlements named after our nation’s first president is but a wide spot in the road and loves it that way. In fact, many of the guests who frequent Foster Harris House make the short drive to escape the relentless lifestyle of the big city. And what an escape it is.

Located in the heart of some of the finest horse and wine country in the US, Washington, VA and other small enclaves like it throughout the region staunchly resist many of today’s modern trappings. It is proud to offer respite from the hectic life as it calls to the quiet places of the soul to rest, relax, and be refreshed.


Upon seeing the inn for the first time, owners Klaus and Gisele Peters knew this would be their home and wanted to create one to share with others as well. Decades of travel landed them in this quiet hamlet so they could offer their version of the highest quality hospitality.

Klaus’ pedigree in hospitality stretches back for half a century. He managed world-class hotels and properties in five different countries while working for Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton, and a host of private firms that included The Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC. During his travels,  he cultivated a deep appreciation for what it takes to please the most discerning guest. And this is where his genius lies. His passion for connecting with his guests and ensuring they feel as if they are his only concern has earned him the reputation worthy of his station.

Surrounded by some of the finest real estate in the country, Klaus and Gisele wanted to create a sanctuary on par with the beauty and tradition that runs deep in this part of our nation. And have they ever succeeded.

No expense has been spared in the renovation and the upkeep of this wondrous 5-room sanctuary. The latest in bath accoutrements is stylishly offset by the wooden plank floors and 4-poster beds with linens fit for royalty. Classic, tasteful furniture complements the warm-toned walls and framed paintings. And as if to remind one of the heritage and history coursing throughout the house, there is a wood-burning stove in each room to enhance the cozy warmth and elegance.

Things To See & Do

If you think a small village like Washington, Virginia is short on entertainment, you might be forgiven. Second perhaps only to the Blue Grass country of Kentucky, there is no shortage of some of the finest horse farms and equestrian stables in the US. Spring and fall seasons see a multitude of cross-country horse races, steeplechase, and other equestrian events proud horse owners are only too eager to display.

Speaking of blue and not to be missed, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the world-famous Shenandoah National Park are just a short drive away. Tracing the ridgeline down the chain of this venerable mountain rampart, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive follow ancient pathways used by the earliest Native Americans. The Shenandoah Valley possesses some of the most breathtaking scenery in all America in the Spring and Fall. It was known as the “breadbasket of the Confederacy” during the Civil War era due to its rich soil and abundant agricultural productivity.

For the Civil War buffs, there is no shortage of history, lore, and the battlefields to see where it all happened. With approximately 80% of the war’s battles fought on Virginia soil, there were no less than five major engagements fought across the central part of the state. A day devoted to any one of these battlefields will leave you with a deeper appreciation of the great price this country paid during that turbulent era.

Wineries are too numerous to count across this verdant region. Good soil and variation in climate bring out the best the grapes have to offer. Micro-breweries have staked their claim throughout the area as well, owing to the quality of hops and grains available.

As one might expect in an area with so much history and natural beauty, there are plenty of galleries and antique centers to visit. Additionally, fine arts centers that feature glassblowing and ceramics can also make for a fun day of exploration.


Getting your day started right is a priority at any fine inn. The passionate staff at Foster Harris House is no exception. A four-course extravaganza featuring freshly-baked scones and fresh fruit will open proceedings. This is followed by a delightful soufflé accompanied by amazing hickory-smoked chipotle bacon. And finally, exquisite crepes will see you merrily on your way.

A full five-course dinner by reservation is also available to overnight as well as non-overnight guests on Friday and Saturdays only. Check with staff for details, but we think you won’t need convincing to stay for dinner!


For those looking for the ultimate pampering to top off their visit, the spa at the nearby, world famous Inn at Little Washington offers a variety of massage types and indulgences. Just steps away, come and complete the sensory overload furnished by the beautiful scenery, the wine-tastings, and equestrian events, and spoil yourself with first-class treatment that will put a wrap on your visit to the Foster Harris House.

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