How to Travel With Your Dog

How to Travel With Your Dog


Wondering how to travel with your dog without worrying about their wellbeing? With just a bit of planning, you can have a stress-free and happy adventure with your furry friend. 

Firstly, check if your dog needs a pet passport for your destination. Also, make sure that they don’t need vaccines, other shots or a health certificate before heading off on your travels. Finally, ensure that your lodging is pet friendly to avoid any misunderstandings.

Here’s what to pay attention to if you want to go on a road trip with your dog hassle-free. 

Safety First 

The best and safest way to travel with your pet in the car is to either use a crate that’s been anchored to the vehicle or to use a dog seatbelt harness. This will limit how far your dog can roam in the back seat. 

While it’s advisable to not feed your dog before traveling, you can give them a few of their best dog calming treats. This will help to lower their anxiety and can help reduce motion sickness if your dog is prone to it. 

It may be tempting to open a window so that your dog can stick their head out. But they could possibly be injured by dust or other debris that the wind picks up. The cold air can also aggravate their lungs, which could make your dog sick. 

Dress for Your Destination 

Check the weather at your destination and arrange the necessary gear for your dog. If you’re going to an area where there’s snow, for example, you’ll want to pack a warm jacket and booties for your dog. There are many cold weather bed and breakfasts that happily welcome dogs, such as Strong House Inn in Vergennes, Vermont.

Not only will the booties protect your dog’s paws, but they will provide your dog with extra traction in wet conditions, which reduces the risk of your dog slipping or falling. Booties will also protect your dog’s paws when walking on hot pavements, roads or trails in warmer climates. 

If you’re planning on hiking trails, you may want to take a doggy backpack so that you can carry your pup when they get tired. Doggy backpacks also come in handy when exploring the city and often have pouches for storing collapsible water and food bowls. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, you can adventure from the city to the hiking trails all in one while staying at The Inn of the Turquoise Bear.

Be Careful About Food 

Be careful about the food you feed your dog while traveling. Some destinations may not have the same brand of dog food that you currently feed them. A change in their regular food can lead to an upset stomach, so make sure you have enough of their food for a round trip. 

If your dog is a picky eater, then it’s best to pack their best dog food for picky eaters. This will reduce the risk of your dog getting sick or having too much gas. 

If your dog does happen to have an upset stomach when traveling, you can give them some pumpkin or yogurt. Not only will this help to settle their tummy, but it can reduce the amount of gas as well. 

Get Plenty of Exercise 

Both you and your dog need exercise. This helps your dog to maintain or build muscle, which is vital to your dog’s overall health. By keeping your dog’s muscles healthy, their immune function will be better and your dog will heal quicker should they fall ill. 

Download apps like Bring Fido, Sniffspot or DogTrekker. These will help you find the nearest dog park, dog-friendly activities and pet-friendly restaurants. 

Make sure that your dog doesn’t leave the car without their ID tag, collar and leash when you stop for breaks along the way. 


Learning how to travel with your dog really depends on you and them. Every person is different and so is every dog! But with just a bit of planning, you can have amazing travel experiences with your furry friend. https://unsplash.com/photos/9NpaoldDYms

Stay safe and remember to respect others along the way. Take plenty of photos and make sure you have enough treats to keep your pup satisfied! Happy travels! 



Mike Powell has had dogs in his life since he was a child and he’s traveled across the country with them on many occasions. He shares helpful information on dog diet, exercise, and products on his website, Dog Embassy.

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