11 Sumptuous Foods You'll Often Find in a Bed & Breakfast Menu

11 Sumptuous Foods You’ll Often Find in a Bed & Breakfast Menu

What’s in a delicious bed & breakfast menu? One of the most looked forward activities before starting a day when on a vacation is what else but breakfast.  So, in the following, we’re discussing the most sumptuous foods we will often find in the B&B menu. Let’s begin.


When we think of breakfast, we think of eggs, and what is more hearty and filling than an omelet? You can add anything to an omelet, and it will give you a whole new flavor profile. We especially love the Spinach, and Goat Cheese Omelette served at the Gaige House + Ryokan at Glen Ellen, California. Their Artichoke Quiche also deserves a special mention because we have not been able to stop thinking about it.. 

Two of our other favorite dishes are the special egg casserole and Kiss My Grits Egg-Benediction from Magnolia Springs Bed and Breakfast at Magnolia Springs, Alabama. They are their signature dishes, and we can only guess why. They’re close to perfection. 

Fresh Fruits

From the best tropical fruits,such as star apple, avocado, papaya, mangos, figs, and lilikoi to healthy and organic produce served in beverages and overnight oats— fruits are some of the leading bed and breakfast foods. Not only are they easy to prepare and taste amazing just as they are, but they are also healthy and boost your metabolism to get you started on your vacation. 

The best tropical fruits are served in Holualoa Inn in Holualoa, Hawaii. You can enjoy this variety of fresh fruits overlooking the gorgeous beach, and honestly, that’s what dreams are made of. Suppose you are looking for a healthy alternative to breakfast foods. In that case, the Inn at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California will serve you fresh organic fruits in shakes, oats, and even a pastry. We could not believe how something so delicious could contain under 700 calories. 

Pancakes and French Toast

Undoubtedly, one of our go-to breakfast foods is either pancakes or french toast. They are hearty dishes that you can decorate with different fruits, nuts, and syrup. You can even have them sweet or savory. 

Some of our favorite pancakes and french toast are from the Aldrich Guest House in Galena, Illinois. The Baked French Toast with lemon, cardamom, and blueberry in the Spring and pumpkin and cinnamon in the fall. It’s perfect for eating and incredibly fresh out of the oven. One of our favorites is the Dutch baby served at Chateau Bourbon in Prospect, Kentucky. It consists of pancakes drizzled with their buttered-bourbon maple syrup that is sinful. 

Southern Breakfast

Biscuits with gravy, fried chicken & cornmeal waffles, baked apples, and jam on toast, as grandma used to prepare them, epitomize southern breakfast filled with comfort food.

The Hamilton-Turner Inn in Savannah, Georgia, or the Pleasanton Courtyard Bed and Breakfast in Fayetteville, Georgia are where it is located. Both offer period style bed and breakfast that is the embodiment of romance and vintage charm. 

And if the full spread of southern breakfast isn’t enough for you, there’s a whole array of Southern cuisine waiting for you to explore and discover.  

Loco Moco

Loco Moco is exceptionally Hawaiian. It’s a staple breakfast in contemporary Hawaiian cuisine and consists of mouth-watering white rice topped with hamburgers, fried eggs, and gravy. It’s the best breakfast to have when visiting Hawaii. 

We could not think of a more beautiful and exciting place than the Volcano Village Lodge that is only two miles away from the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Have your hearty Loco Moco in the morning, and then explore all the great attractions you wouldn’t see in a Hawaiian travel catalog. 


Seafood for breakfast  is probably the last thing you want early in the morning, but hear us out! Pear, lentil, and potato hash served with house-smoked salmon and crispy sage with a maple gastrique and a farm-fresh egg or Organic grits with Maine lobster, savory Creole sauce, chive oil, and a sunny-side egg will all complete your day.. All these dishes you can eat at breakfast only at the charming coastal town of Boothbay Harbor in Maine at the Topside Inn

Creole Breakfast

Creole food is a flavor fusion from different cultures like African, French, Spanish, and many more, but the flavor is uniquely Louisiana. Best believe that you will have the best Creole breakfast in the form of cornmeal pancakes, sweet potato biscuits, beignets, calas, and Cajun coush coush in this state. 

Stay in the Maison D’Memoire B&B Cottages and enjoy your Cajun breakfast delivered to your secluded cottage or stay at the historic Canal Street both for the vibe and the great food uniquely New Orleans. You’ll feel right at home and welcome at the Canal Street Inn

Farm fresh 

Many of us go on vacations and choose the location with the most nature exposure and small sites with the most charming towns.

Most of us  expect B&Bs to source local produce as much as possible to boost the local economy and have the best farm-fresh and made from scratch breakfast every time we visit. 

That is made possible in the Chesterfield Inn in Chesterfield, New Hampshire. They offer homemade Muffins, bran flakes, whole-wheat toast, sausage links, and maple syrup from the Mitchell Farm in Chesterfield. They are all locally sourced and sustainable. 

Parfait and Yogurt

Another staple in a bed and breakfast menu is parfait and yogurt. Both are cream-based and flavored with fresh fruits,  nuts, and homemade syrups. It is sweet and filling and a perfect ender to an excellent breakfast spread. 

On their ‘ sweet ‘ menu days, the gorgeous Inn on Putney Road serves a decadent parfait made with fresh fruits, granola, and yogurt. The Inn at Ormsby Hill serves their parfait with fresh raspberry and blueberries together with their three-course breakfast menu. For both of these B&Bs, you can visit Vermont. 

Pastries and Baked Goods

Muffins, biscuits, scones, cinnamon rolls, bagels, danish, and croissants  are only some of the baked goods commonly served by bed and breakfasts around the country. You’ll love the seasonal pastries and baked goods filled at The Inn at Westwynd Farm in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. You can also get peaches and cream muffins in summer or Harvest Apple bread in the fall. It’s seasonal, so you know only the sweetest possible fruits are picked to be baked. 


The best coffee cup you’ll have is probably the one you drink on vacations, and all B&Bs serve them  every morning. From decaf to artisanal coffee to coffees freshly picked and grind within their area, coffee will be available for you all morning and even some till night. 

Which among these complete your bed & breakfast menu? Tell us in the comments. Finally, share this post on social media to help friends who might be looking for the same information today!


This article was written by Charles Vallena, coffee expert & author at Cuppabean.

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