Travel Is the Best Self-Care Reset: 5 Amazing Cities to Visit

Travel Is the Best Self-Care Reset: 5 Amazing Cities to Visit

Look, we get it. You’re working way over your 9-5 hours, you’re behind on your household chores, and the omnipresence of tech in your life is just adding to the mounting stress. Simply put, you’re exhausted and on the brink of burnout. When you find yourself in such a situation, ditch the yoga and meditation and opt for some self-care travel instead. Getting a break from your routine, seeing new sights, and relaxing without the burden of responsibilities is just what the doctor ordered. Below, bnbfinder shares five soul-satisfying cities to vacation to.

Seattle, Washington


This Pacific Northwest city is leading the game in fitness and integrative health. According to a study by MindBody, nearly 80% of Seattle works out at least once a week. So if you’ve been looking for motivation to get your health on, Seattle is the city for you. The city’s fantastic access to national parks and outdoor recreation is another significant draw — you can even find an excellent bed and breakfast that strikes your fancy in one of the city’s iconic neighborhoods. In addition, if you’ve been considering relocating, Seattle has excellent career opportunities and is ranked as one of the ten best cities in the US for jobs. Some of the biggest tech companies in the world have set up shop in Seattle as well.

Finding affordable living conditions in the city will be critical for your move. If you aren’t ready to take the relocation plunge just yet, consider looking into a possible vacation home. The Pacific Northwest is great for a getaway year-round.


Sedona, Arizona


The Red Rock Country is a fantastic pitstop for wellness and relaxation. The unique and picturesque desert town is full of sweeping canyons and lush pine forests. As such, it offers lots of opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, and outdoor exploration. If you’re not the outdoorsy kind, you’ll love the unique energy the town has — literally. 

Sedona is full of energy vortexes, which you can use to cleanse negative ju-ju and recharge, Thrillist explains. The Cathedral Rock Vortex fosters patience, goodness, and compassion, while the Airport Vortex strengthens self-confidence and motivation. The town also offers lots of spas and retreats to pamper yourself in peace and good vibes.


Lake Placid, New York


If you’re more of an East Coast sort of person, you need to check out the village of Lake Placid. Nestled in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, it is a wonderland come wintertime. It is home to the country’s longest mountain coaster and has tons of skiing, skating, and tobogganing opportunities. Are you looking for more of a peaceful time? The SkyRide takes you up 400 ft, with soothing and relaxing mountain views all around. Lake Placid is the perfect self-care getaway for winter lovers!


Glacier National Park, Montana


This stunning national park is just wilderness and views. There is not much to do except relax and soak in the peace, which is a win in our books. Enjoy your time away from the city by indulging in hot springs and wellness spas, and hike out to your heart’s content. There are also numerous scenic driving routes to take in the magnificent mountain views and pristine turquoise lakes and streams. This destination is perfect for a more extended getaway and retreat, so you can fully immerse yourself in nature and unplug from the stresses of everyday life.

Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles offers something for everyone. Not only is the city home to several excellent spas, it’s also a great visit for sports fans. Whether you want to yell “Let’s go Dodgers, let’s go!” at the ballpark or take in a game from the Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Chargers, or Rams, you’re sure to find a sporting event to suit your desires. And you can find a great place to stay with bnbfinder!


No matter which of these locations you choose, your getaway is sure to leave you with an abundance of wellness and relaxation. We could all use a little more of that! Happy traveling.

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